Healthier Holiday Meals: Trim the Fat to Stay on Point with Your Diet


Eggnog/Holiday Beverages

These beverages usually contain high fat and calorie content, due to added sugars and creams, and can have even more calories than a fried fast food meal. The unfortunate part of these drinks is that a lot of times you don’t know exactly how bad they are for you, and they don’t fill you up, so you are just drinking empty calories.

The Fix for Holiday Beverages

Honestly, this is one thing I will tell you to skip altogether. If you like a holiday inspired beverage, you can add peppermint extract (which has a very low calorie count, especially for the amount you would use) to your normal cup of coffee, or play around with other flavor combinations to create your own lattes! Eggnog can be purchased as “fat free” but it is still high in calories, and really one of those that you should really omit from your holiday celebrations, or just limit to one as a special treat!