Healthier Holiday Meals: Trim the Fat to Stay on Point with Your Diet


Baked Goods/Desserts

While the smell of fresh baked goods makes everyone want to try at least one, and the holidays is when everyone let’s themselves have some dessert, even if they normally wouldn’t partake. We all know that desserts are usually made with butter and sugar, but just beware that many bakers add lard to their baked goods and/or frostings and you might not even know (because most people won’t even tell you that they use it!) Lard is a whole lot of extra fat (as indicated by the name) that you do not need in your diet.

The Fix for Desserts

Opt for desserts that are made with fruit or veggies, are without added whipped cream/ice cream, and limit yourself to just one. Also, if you are the one making the dessert, you can always substitute apple sauce for butter/oil, you can cut the amount of sugar that you use by baking with fruits or sweet vegetables, use agave or sugar cane if you do need an added sweetener, and you can also use wheat or oat flour instead of plain white flour to add some fiber and keep the fat and calories down.

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Obviously there are some foods that you know aren’t good for you, but you want them anyway because you only eat them once a year. For those, you may just need to rely on will power to only eat one portion, and focus on feeling healthy: when we feel healthy, we tend to make healthier choices. Also, make sure to exercise, even getting in a walk after a heavier meal helps you to digest faster and burn more calories. And, if all else fails, head into the holiday season with a friend that shares the same healthy goals and you will help each other to stay on track.

In good health!