9 Healthy and Tasty Green Tea Recipes to Try Today


9. Puffed Wild Rice Green Tea

To tell the truth, I don’t like the taste of this tea, though I make it very often because my family loves this healthy drink. Nevertheless, I suggest you to try puffed wild rice green tea. Who knows, maybe it will become your favorite tea.

  • Cuisine: American;
  • Category: Drinks;
  • Prep Time: 5 min;
  • Nutrition Per Serving: 0;


  • 1 cup of green tea leaves (Japanese Sencha)
  • 1/4 cup of wild rice

Portion size: 30


Start with heating nonstick skillet until hot, then add wild rice and roast, shaking constantly, for about 30 seconds or until kernels are brown and puffed.

Transfer to a medium-sized bowl and let cool at room temperature. Add green tea leaves, mix to combine, and spoon into airtight jar or decorative bag.

These are some of my favorite green tea recipes. What’s your favorite way to enjoy green tea? Do you drink it on a regular basis?