7 Must Have Kitchen Items for a Homemade First Aid Kit


6. Essential oils

If you do not have a small stash of essential oils in your kitchen or bathroom, I suggest you start one. Many essential oils have healing properties. In my search for burn pain, I found lavender oil, tea tree oil, and frankincense mentioned the most. Here’s how each of these oils can help with first-aid issues:

  • Lavender oil eases, soothes, and calms burn pain, itching, prevents scars, treats earaches, anxiety, and symptoms associated with anxiety, treats headaches, and more.
  • Tea Tree oil has antifungal and antiseptic qualities that make it very useful. It can be used to disinfect anything, treat stings, and help clear acne.
  • Frankincense oil is a natural pain reducer that reduces inflammation. It can also be used for reducing anxiety. It helps treat headaches and Pre- and Post-Menstrual issues including pain and mood swings. It boosts the immune system and has been known to have anti-aging benefits.

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