7 Must Have Kitchen Items for a Homemade First Aid Kit


7. Mustard

My pain did not ease up with any of these home remedies, and I was thinking it was just about time to go to the ER. However, in my last-ditch effort to avoid the trip, I found that mustard was an item many people found to be a miracle-worker with burn pain and blistering. So, I thought I would give it one last try.

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It had an immediate cooling effect which I found to be the answer I was looking for to treat my specific burn. Yes, I turned yellow and smelled funny, but instant and long-lasting pain relief was gained from slathering it on my fingers.

Apparently, the turmeric and vinegar properties found in the mustard are what did the trick. This is a must-have in your homemade first aid kit! Put this kitchen “must-haves” in your first-aid kit to fight infection, soothe burns, and treat skin issues.

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