8 Yummy Things to Do with Leftover Hummus


8. Bagel schmear

Bagels are a bit high-calorie and that calorie count skyrockets when you slather it with cream cheese. Switch to hummus as your schmear of choice and you will be saving loads of calories without sacrificing flavor. And those are just a few things that you can do with your hummus.

Replace mayonnaise on your sandwiches with a few swipes of hummus. Make soups creamier and dreamier with hummus instead of using creams that will add more fat. Replace sour cream in dips for healthier party fare. Use your creativity and you will be surprised with the things you can dream up with a little leftover hummus.

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Make it more than a dip. Make it the condiment you turn to for flavor and a powerful punch of protein and antioxidants. Do you have any unique ways of using up your leftover hummus? Be sure to tell me all about them.