5 Ways to Eat Heart Healthy through the Holiday Season


5. The most heart healthy drinks

Red wine (YES!) is full of heart protective antioxidants, so if you are going to drink alcohol with your meal, red wines can actually protect your heart, so you’re actually doing something healthy by drinking wine (how long have you waited to hear that?) Teas (green and black) are full of antioxidants, so whether you prefer them cold or hot, and maybe replace post meal coffee with tea for a heart healthy end to the meal! And, there are so many options and flavors for teas now, you can find one that will accent your dessert and maybe even match the holiday season.

And if you choose to skip both of these, your best choice is good old water; while it doesn’t sound exciting, you can always fill pitchers of water and add ice with cranberries or mint frozen in the middle, add lemon, or whatever other herbs and fruits that will complement your meal, that can be quite a tasty addition to your meal and hydrate everyone in a calorie free way.

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One thing to remember is that while you are working hard to create this heart healthy and yummy meal, try to minimize adding salt to your meal, your guests can add their own, if they choose, but keeping salt use low is another great way to keep your heart health in check. The more naturally colorful your plate is, and the less processed the foods are, the better they are for your heart, so make sure to make a colorful table with not only your meal, but with your beverages as well!

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