10 Christmas Kitchen Disasters That Are Bound To Happen – And How To Fix Them

If it’s the sides that are the issue, then pull off the legs, cutting through the joint between the bottom of the breast and the top of the thigh. The legs can then be roasted on a tray below the turkey crown.

Aaargh, The Turkey Doesn’t Fit In The Oven!

You’re right on trend. Crunchy veg is so Y2K: it’s all about soft sprouts now, so you could simply sizzle them in a pan with lots of hot butter (to banish excess water) and scatter over crisp, lemon-zest-spiked fried breadcrumbs.

Help, I’ve Overcooked The Sprouts And Don’t Know How To Salvage Them

This is my own worst kitchen nightmare. Get the temperature right: optimum is 200C/180C fan/gas mark 6 to 220C/200C fan/gas mark 8, although it’s possible to get good results at 180C/160C fan/gas mark 4, but it’ll take longer.

My Roast Potatoes Refuse To Crisp Up – What Can I Do?

Ask if he is coeliac or gluten/wheat intolerant. If it’s the latter, then gluten or wheat may make him uncomfortable but he may be able to manage small amounts without a noticeable effect.

Yikes, Uncle Jim Is Coming On Boxing Day And Has Just Told Me He’s Gluten Free

Poor chefs – on the rare occasions any non-professionals ask them to dinner they have to field endless apologies from the cook.

One Of My Guests Is Bringing His Girlfriend For Lunch And I’ve Just Found Out She Is A Professional Chef

Go easy on yourself; there are some great ready-made options for trimmings and treats.

I Simply Can’t Face The Idea Of Making Everything From Scratch. What Can I Cheat?

Greasy gravy is grim but the meaty juices in the roasting tin are likely to be covered in a slick of fat.

The Gravy Is In Crisis

It generally needs to be 35 per cent ABV or above to light, but brandy, whisky, vodka and even gin all work well.

Eek, I Can’t Get The Christmas Pudding To Flame

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