10 Recipes For A Healthy And Tasty Breakfast For The New Year

It’s easy to crave fruits and veggies when you make them a part of a satiating and nourishing complete meal. And it isn’t hard to pass over sugary sweets when you’d rather go all in on the ultimate avocado toast.

10 Recipes For A Healthy And Tasty Breakfast For The New Year

My love for this quiche knows no bounds. Sure, I can say that for almost any quiche, but if I’m craving something light, I won’t likely turn to a cheesy, meat-heavy pie.

Spring Onion And Goat Cheese Quiche

Avocado toast with the volume turned up. While you can never go wrong with the good old-fashioned green standby, this spin takes things a step further thanks to a rich and umami-flavored kale pesto, layers of crunchy veg, and a medley of fresh herbs on top.

Avocado Toast With Kale Pesto And Crunchy Veggies

Sure, this might not be your NYD main dish, but if you’re skipping the mimosas, a fresh fig smoothie is an ideal substitute

Get Figgy With It Smoothie

This is easily my favorite muffin recipe—let me count the ways I love it. To start, it’s gluten- and dairy-free.

Banana Pumpkin Muffins

Nothing beats the flavor of a freshly-made shakshuka. It’s warming, comforting, and exactly what you want on the first day of the year.

The Best Shakshuka Ever

This recipe makes the most of cold-weather fruit and hearty grains: figs and papaya are lovely sweet complements to the nutty, toothsome warmth of millet and amaranth.

Sarah Copeland’s Millet And Amaranth Porridge With Figs And Papaya

When all else fails, revert to the classics. And when you’re opting for tradition, blueberry pancakes always win.

The Best Protein Pancakes With Blueberries & Chia Seeds

This is the ultimate New Year’s day brunch—scratch that, any day brunch. We weren’t playing around when we created this totally vegan recipe.

California Style Tofu Scramble Burrito

Looking to change things up for this year’s New Year’s Day brunch? Make these delicious sweet potato toasts.

Sweet Potato Toasts, Three Ways

If you’re looking for something light after a big night, then turn to this simple breakfast bowl with fresh fruit and yogurt.

Autumn Harvest Breakfast Bowls

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