11 Basic Cooking Tips To Help Beginners Become Better Cooks

This is cooking 101. Read the recipe, not just skim through it. Take note of all the ingredients, and gather them all together before turning on the stove.

1. How To Ace The Recipe

Have you ever wondered how other people cut a number of onions without shedding a single tear? And your eyes well up the moment you step foot in the kitchen. Our guess is, well, your eyes just get used to it.

2. Cut Onions Without Teary Eyes

This will let you observe how much water is needed. Also, try to use lukewarm water to knead the dough to make it soft and fluffy. And don't forget to let the dough rest for at least 15 minutes before using it.

3. How To Knead Soft Dough

First things first, always wash and rinse the rice with water 3-4 times before boiling it. This removes extra starch and pesticides and prevents stickiness while cooking.

4. How To Make Non-Sticky Rice

When starting out, our pasta usually turns out either undercooked or overcooked, but not al dante. To achieve the right texture, always add pasta to boiling water.

5. How To Cook Perfect Pasta

Follow the steps to the T. Roast whole spices till aromatic first. Then add cumin, onions and other spices. Tomatoes go in after onions turn brown. And only after the tomatoes wilt, add your vegetables or meat.

6. How To Cook Curries

If you are an inexperienced cook, you are going to take some time to understand the measurements of seasonings to be added to the dish.

7. How To Season Food

One is bound to make mistakes while cooking for the first time. The most common mistake that all of us tend to make is adding extra salt. But you can fix it by adding some milk to your gravy.

8. How To Fix Extra Salty Food

Believe us, even professional chefs do this. Keep tasting your dish while it's cooking to test the level of seasoning and make adjustments as you go.

9. Taste To Test

Even if you churn out a bland dish, you can add flavours later by garnishing it with herbs like coriander leaves, basil leaves, oregano, mint leaves et al.

10. Keep Fresh Herbs Handy

Last but not the least, have some faith in yourself. There's no harm in experimenting with the recipe or substituting the ingredients if you are sure it would work.

11. Don't Be Afraid To Experiment

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