12 Foods That Aren't Ideal For Slow Cooking

Before the quick-cooking air fryer and the time-saving instant pot, one kitchen appliance outperformed the rest. No, we're not talking about the microwave or toaster.

12 Foods That Aren't Ideal For Slow Cooking

There's a well-known saying in the slow cooking world, "set it and forget it," and it's one of the popular reasons we choose to use the slow cooker appliance.

Fish and seafood

If the petite filet mignon tends to be your go-to order at your favorite steakhouse, you might think that same oh-so-tender steak will melt in your mouth after being slow-cooked

Expensive cuts of steak

If you love meal prepping for your busy week, you probably also appreciate appliances like the slow cooker or instant pot.

Frozen meat

Let's get real here for a second. A well-cooked piece of chicken is good, but it can be better than "good" when done right.

Meat with skin left on

With all that pork, beef, and chicken you plan on slow cooking, you'll need some nutritious vegetables to help round out that hearty meal.

Delicate green vegetables

It's not so much that you can't add dairy to a slow cooker, but more so that you can't let most dairy products cook for hours in it.


Oh, the joys of perfectly crisp bacon. When fried just right, the corner ends will melt in your mouth.


From not washing excess starches to stirring those precious grains when you shouldn't, there are so many mistakes everyone makes when cooking rice.


We don't want to completely diss the idea of cooking pasta in a slow cooker, but it's really not our preferred method of cooking it for the best results.


Cooking with alcohol will improve your meal like no other. Ina Garten will tell you booze is her secret weapon in several dishes.


You already know putting frozen foods in the slow cooker can be unsafe. Because of low and slow cooking times, those frozen foods have a greater chance of sitting in the temperature danger zone for too long, which can lead to foodborne illness.


Chicken breasts are a great go-to when you need to get dinner on the table quickly, but they aren't the best for your slow cooker.

Chicken breast

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