12 Of The Best Healthy Delivery Meal Plans In Dubai To Try

If you’re anything like us, the answer is average at best. Three days in, and we’re already scrolling through Deliveroo for lunch (with our best-intentions vegan stir-fry sadly languishing on the kitchen bench at home).

Want To Be Healthy In 2023? Try These Healthy Meal Delivery Services In Dubai…

Each day you’ll get a printout with the exact dietary breakdown of every meal. If you’re looking for an easy way to add more fresh vegetables and controlled healthy dishes into your routine, this is the one for you.

Jetlagged Chef

All packages can be purchased for either a week or four weeks, and all come as either five or six day options. They deliver all over the emirates too.

8020 Meal Prep

Whether it’s healthy eating or weight loss, achieve your goals with Prep & Co’s meal plans. They offer daily delivery across the UAE, with 120 recipes to pick from, meaning you’ll never get bored.


This Dubai-based meal plan delivery company was born in 2016 to provide a personalised experience to meal planning, using high-quality ingredients while tailoring plans for intolerances, allergies and dietary requirements.

Colour My Plate

More about eating healthy than weight loss, Delicut invite Dubai residents to enjoy nourishing, freshly prepared meals that can be added to their existing schedule, or replace it entirely.


Designed as a simple solution to make meal prep more easy, Prep Hero has plans for fat loss, performance and gain, depending on your fitness goal. Designed by nutritionists and chefs, PrepHero’s plans are freshly delivered and promise clean and healthy dishes that keep you feeling full for longer.


Whether your goal is weight loss, a healthier lifestyle or athletic performance, Zerofat can help you reach your goals with its array of customisable meal plans. Delivered direct to your door, plans are priced daily so you can book for as many days per week as you’d like.

Zero Fat

The plan can be two or three meals plus one snack a day, delivered direct to you on five, six over seven days. The creativity involved in making low-carb food delicious is impressive.

Keto by Foxxy

Karate black belt and yogi, Yasmin, created Honest Badger to fill a need for healthy yet indulgent food. The brand loves to play on classics, giving them a healthy twist from scratch within their kitchen

Honest Badger

Your calorie count for the day will differ depending on which plan you pick, but you will get breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks delivered daily to your door.

Kcal Extra

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