14 Food Trends That Defined the Year: 2022 CLE Wrapped

It’s safe to say a lot has changed in Northeast Ohio’s dining scene in the past 12 months — and Cleveland Magazine was here to capture those changes in real time.

14 Food Trends That Defined the Year: 2022 CLE Wrapped

Restaurateurs say the tide is turning in a classically bigger-the-better town, as more and more diners want to try a little of everything. Even the burger comes split four ways at Cordelia. — Dillon Stewart

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Maybe I noticed it more because my wife was pregnant, but mocktails were on nearly every menu. While some lack body due to the lack of alcohol, Cordelia uses alcohol-free spirits to keep the integrity of your favorite cocktails.— DS


This year felt like vegan reuben mania as nearly every herbivorous establishment took a swing at the corned beef classic. Trying to get the sandwich at Cleveland Vegan on St. Paddy’s Day proved close to impossible as dozens of orders raced in and out of the kitchen.

Vegan Reubens

Karen Small’s James Beard-recognized Flying Fig relaunched as Pearl Street Wine Market, and Sam McNulty’s Bier Markt/Bar Cento turned into the light, airy Bright Side, which thankfully still serves the classic Sunnyside Pizza ($19) with egg and prosciutto. — DS

Restaurant Revamps

From burgers to crab legs, local operators have been feeling the effects of rising food costs. As a result, menu prices have noticeably increased this year. But diners have still come out in droves since the pandemic shutdowns. — DS

Rising Costs

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