The 16 Most Extravagant Meals In 2023: The Most Expensive Dinner In Dubai

With the oversupply of designer boutiques and high-end restaurants, it would seem that Dubai is a city besieged by extravagance.

The 16 Most Extravagant Meals In 2023 The Most Expensive Dinner In Dubai

Sink your teeth into a very pricey dish touting budget-busting credentials, and set your sights on one of 99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant’s most expensive plates. Funnily enough, it all starts with something as simple as toast. But it’s a far cry from a sliced loaf.

99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant’s Umami Crystal Toast

The saying goes that the best things in life are free. But it seems that rule doesn’t apply at Bombay Borough in DIFC, where an edible gold-trimmed biryani has come in as the world’s most expensive

Bombay Borough’s Golden Biriyani

For the crème de la crème, diners can try ‘fêter’. This à la carte dish serves up a taste of luxury with brown bread meringue and sour cream mousse, a gold leaf bar with foie gras and cherry jam, plus a caviar tin with black truffle and shitake ganache, served with a glass of chilled zero-percent bubbly.

Brix’s Fêter

A new addition to the menu and an absolute must-try is LPM Restaurant & Bar’s Mafaldine maison au homard. This incredible pasta dish is creamy, foamy and generously topped with lobster meat.

Lpm Restaurant & Bar’s Lobster Mafaldine

Probably not, but that dish is on the menu at DIFC’S Marea and has featured on many an Instagram feed due to the plump ball being one of the prettiest in the city

Marea’s Golden Burrata

It is the modern and premium take on the classic dim sum. Mayabay’s caviar crystal dumpling is clearly, peak Dubai.

Mayabay’s Caviar Crystal Dumpling

Elsewhere in the world, you’ll find a golden tomahawk. Here in Dubai, it’s a 400g sirloin steak, grilled over charcoal embers before being wrapped in gold leaf. Personally, we prefer the grilled tiger prawns, but if you’re being extra, well then… this one may be for you.

Nusr-et’s Golden Steak

It’s always been one of the most ordered, most eaten dishes in Dubai and Nobu does a fantastic job at executing it. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa along with the help of Robert DeNiro, made this simple piece of fish, famous globally.

Nobu Dubai’s Miso Black Cod

A taste explosion waiting to happen. Plus, at Dhs33, this is more affordable than other eye-popping dishes on the list, so get yourself down to Wasl 51 to live the high life in a low-key setting.

Orfali Bros’ Umami Éclair

Ossiano’s ‘Kissing the sea on the lips’ (really) is presented with wafts of dry ice rising from the bowl like a gentle mist, enveloping a dish consisting of a base of soft cauliflower cream overlaid with homemade smoked trout topped with pickled cauliflower and a salty seawater foam.

Ossiano’s Kissing The Sea On The Lips

The mega wagyu katsu sando is packed with flavour and is ideal for big eaters. Head down to Time Out Market Dubai or his OG venue in Dar Al Wasl Mall to get your hands on one of the most favoured dishes in Dubai, not just right now, but always.

Reif Japanese Kushiyaki’s Wagyu Katsu Sando

Want to try a gold steak that won’t completely destroy your bank account a la Nusr-Et? Head down to Rhain Steakhouse at Conrad Dubai for an extra night out with some gold-crusted steak.

Rhain Steakhouse’s Golden Steak

Name any dish that’s as comforting as a plate of homemade pasta – we’ll wait. Scalini’s homemade taglioni with black truffle, Parmesan sauce and shaved black truffle swirled in a grana padano wheel is the MVP of pasta.

Scalini’s Black Truffle Taglioni

This expert ice creamery is all about drama. And we’re talking specifically about its gold-dusted, activated charcoal scoops. Just a stone’s throw from Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach, Scoopi makes all of its ice cream using liquid nitrogen to deliver a smooth, buttery scoop like no other.

Scoopi’s Charcoal Ice Cream With Edible Gold

The spenny slice is not your regular margarita but topped with rare Alba white truffle and the brainchild of Via Toledo’s founder Francesco Calò, who in 2019 was named ‘Best Italian Pizzaiolo in the World’. What an accolade.

Via Toledo’s Pizza Magnatum

The experiential dinner offers ten whimsical courses that transform the entire dining room with every dish.

The Most Ott Dining Experience In Dubai?

The theatrical show includes 360-degree screens with imagery projected onto every surface, from the walls to the table, and an expert team of chefs, designers, directors, technicians and musicians all contribute to this experience.

The Most Ott Dining Experience In Dubai?

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