5 Super-Simple Ways To Switch Up The Same Old Dinner Ideas

Making a New Year's resolution to eat at home more often this year? Congrats! Sitting down to dinner at your own table is a great way to ensure your meals are full of the healthy, tasty ingredients you're looking for and—added bonus—helps you save money, too.

5 Super-Simple Ways To Switch Up The Same Old Dinner Ideas

Repurpose meal-prepped meats. Having a few days' worth of chicken or ground beef cooked and ready to go is great.

Repurpose Meal-prepped Meats

While the goal may be to eat at home more often, it doesn't mean you have to make every.single.meal completely from scratch. That's where stocking your freezer with healthy, tasty options that are made with good-for-you ingredients comes in.

Have Healthy Meals On Hand

Sauces—whether it's a simple tomato sauce or a more sophisticated take—can quickly elevate a dish to gourmet proportions.

Find The Secret Sauce

When picking new recipes to add to your weeknight repertoire, Rissetto recommends being choosy and using shortcuts, too. "You don't have to make a 17-ingredient beef Wellington," she says.

Don't Overthink Things

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