6 Nutritious Meal-prep Services For All Dietary Requirements

That’s where outsourcing is the solution, and when it comes to nutrition, meal-prep services are here to help.

6 Nutritious Meal-prep Services For All Dietary Requirements

Allplants provides nutritious meals that can live in your freezer. By now, you know that frozen food is by no means less nutritious, which is why you can buy Allplants bundles that serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner.


For hyper-personalised meals, try Fresh Fitness Food. Pick one of the four plans based on your health goals, including general wellbeing and building muscle

Fresh Fitness Food

With recipes catering for one, two or four people, Mindful Chef is a great way to ensure the whole family get fed veg-packed, delicious meals like turmeric chicken with tricolour quinoa salad or teriyaki tofu, kimchi baked rice and sesame slaw.

Mindful Chef

These meals are restaurant-quality food designed by chef and nutritionist Catherine Sharman, who went on a mission to make food she loved but that her body craved.

Apres Food

These thoughtful and nutritious meals are all designed to get you through and recover from tough workouts and busy lives.

Natural Fitness Food

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