6 Tips You Need When Cooking With Ground Turkey

The fat percentage of ground turkey is close to 15%, making it a comparatively lower fat content than ground beef. ButcherBox notes that ground turkey tends to run a bit leaner than ground chicken too.

15 Tips You Need When Cooking With Ground Turkey

The leanness of the ground turkey makes it a worthy opponent for your spice cabinet. Beef has a higher saturated fat content than turkey, which makes it both unctuous and increases the flavor-holding capacity of the meat.

1. Ground turkey may require more seasoning than other ground meats

Ground turkey this, ground turkey that. Many folks adhering to low-calorie meal plans choose ground turkey as a replacement for ground beef.

2. Ground turkey isn't always a healthier alternative to ground beef

There are major textural differences that set ground turkey apart from other types of ground meats. Ground turkey is drier and chewier because it is not made with the chewy, fatty cuts of chuck and sirloin like ground beef.

3. The texture of ground turkey isn't synonymous to ground beef

Ground turkey is a type of poultry, so you will have to cook it to a different internal temperature than ground beef to ensure it is safe to eat.

4. Ground turkey needs to reach a higher internal temperature than other meat products

To keep ourselves safe in the kitchen, one of the best things we can do is to examine foods with our eyes and nose before we prepare them.

5. Color change may indicate your ground turkey has gone bad

Meatloaf is a Sunday-night dinner staple, and what other way to make it better than to add a bit of ground turkey to the mix? If you're adding a medley of meats like ground beef and veal along with the turkey, you should remember to turn up the seasoning.

6. Transform your meatloaf by adding ground turkey

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