7 Good-for-you Food Trends To Look Out For In 2023

Let’s see what wellness-forward food trends we have our eye on for 2023.

7 Good-for-you Food Trends To Look Out For In 2023

Sometimes you just want to curl up on the couch and escape with a comfort film and a nostalgic snack such as a Yodel or French’s potato sticks.

1. Nostalgic But Make It Healthy

Over the last few years, we’ve noticed a huge growth in plant-based meat alternatives.

2. Faux Meat Hits The Mainstream

Last year, we included sober curious as one of our emerging trends and we see it taking an even bigger hold in the coming year.

3. Celebs — And Many Of Us — Go Sober

Thanks to the recent supply chain disruptions and our ever-growing grocery bills, a recent study by Ketchum Consumer Research found that 56% of Americans care more about food sustainability in 2022 than they did in the past

4. Pass the Carbon Neutral Snacks

Whether you grew up making traditional Latin foods with your abuela or have been inspired to make recipes from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico or other Latin American cuisines, you may be looking for products that bring those flavors to your table.

5. Latin-owned Food Brands

The board trend just won’t let up, with butter, cream cheese and other schmears as the base for your snacking experience.

6. Charcuterie To-go

We’re calling it now — 2023 will be the year of shichimi togarashi, which is a blend of chiles, sesame, orange peel and roasted nori.

7. The Hottest New Spice

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