7 Tips For Cooking A Big Meal In One Oven

The holidays are here, and it's the time of the year when most homes set a feast on the table for friends and family.

7 Tips For Cooking A Big Meal In One Oven

Your holiday dinner will have you running around like you're in a game of Cooking Fever if you do not take some time to decide what you'll cook and what you'll need to bake.

1. Decide How Many Dishes You're Making

Trust the oven dial at your peril: slippery things, those dials. You don't want to turn it to a specific temperature, only to end up with half-cooked food. It's even worse if you're baking.

2. Use An Oven Thermometer

You know how dress rehearsals are done for almost everything these days? Well, hold one for your cooking. Run a simulation to learn how to make the most of your oven space.

3. Do A Test Run Before The Actual Cooking

Since you're trying to get a lot done in little time and with one oven, try to use the smallest pan that will accommodate your dish. Think oven-minimalist cooking.

4. Use The Right Pan Size For Each Dish

As you place your delicious casseroles and pies in the oven, remember to space them out. As Cnet points out, spacing out the pans ensures even circulation of heat.

5. Space Out Your Dishes In The Oven

While our other tips talk about time management and space maximization, this one actually helps you create more room in your oven. Martha Stewart explains that cooling racks are the wire racks you use to cool those delicious, freshly baked goodies.

6. Use Cooling Racks To Create More Space

To help you with your big holiday meal, consider doing all the baking the day before the dinner. You'll have more time and oven space to make the perfect upside-down rum cake alongside a batch of cookies.

7. Do Your Baking The Day Before The Main Event

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