8 Different Ways To Cook Fish

Let's talk about some ways to cook fish that will help mix it up, keep dinner from being  boring, and — hopefully — even convince the naysayers of the family that they should be looking forward to fish nights, too.

8 Different Ways To Cook Fish

One of the best things about summertime is digging the grill out of storage, and here's something to keep in mind: Fish is an excellent choice for throwing on the grill instead of the go-to burgers and dogs.

Grilling Can Be A Great Way To Cook Fish In The Summer

Not only is this the way to help retain all the vital goodness — like omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients — of the fish, but it's also great for those evenings when you just can't. Can't what? Can't anything.

Baking Is A Super-healthy Cooking Method

Broiling, says Healthline, is a bit like grilling. There are a few major differences, though — the heat source is at the top, and since you can broil fish in your oven, it's easy to do year-round.

Broiling Is Another Healthy Option

Chinese-style steamed fish is one of those fancy dishes you might expect to see at a restaurant, not on your own dinner table. But according to Red House Spice, it's easier to make than you might expect!

Chinese-style Steamed Makes For A Stunning Presentation

Smoked fish is something you might expect to need to buy pre-smoked if you're looking to enjoy it, but chef Analiese Gregory told Eater it's actually much easier than you might expect — and it's perfectly possible to make some delicious smoked fish right in your own oven.

Oven-smoking Your Fish Will Totally Up Your Dinner Game

Anyone looking for a quick and easy way to cook fish should also consider poaching. It's a simple process that's ideal for lean fish like swordfish and bass, and it'll take just a few minutes in front of the stove.

Poaching Is A Hugely Underrated Way To Cook Fish

Sous vide is a method of cooking that Anova says is wildly popular in restaurants, because it's easy to guarantee uniform results when cooking multiple dishes, or cooking a particular dish that a place is known for

Sous Vide Can Help Guarantee Perfect Fish Every Time

When it comes to taste and texture, arguably the best fish is fried. From the long-time Rust Belt tradition of the fish fry to Britain's ever-popular fish and chips, frying has been a long time favorite, shares the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Frying Fish Delicious, But Not The Healthiest Option

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