Alula's First Food Festival On The Table For Winter At Tantora

This year's Winter at Tantora festival, which runs until January 21, celebrates fine dining and unique culinary experiences atop mountains deep inside the lush oasis of the ancient open-air museum city of AlUla in Saudi Arabia.

Alula's First Food Festival On The Table For Winter At Tantora

Those participating at the festival include chef Karim Bourgi, an artisan pastry chef who works in Dubai and the founder of Kayu Bakehouse and Calla Cafe, Saudi self-taught chef Omar Alwatban and Saudi chef Samira Sadiq, among others.

Alula's First Food Festival On The Table For Winter At Tantora

Overlooking the vast valleys of Harrat Uwayrid from a mountain, Okto has some of the most beautiful views of the city.


The Greek restaurant offers a range of authentic flavours from the islands. Thinly sliced aubergine crisps are served with salty feta cheese, gyros and fried calamari.


Nestled in the oasis of AlUla’s AlJadida district, Somewhere offers a mix of international cuisine with a refreshing twist of Mediterranean flavours. On the menu are hummus, short rib kibbeh, fatteh, chicken shawarma bao and chicken musakhan rice. The karak-flavoured French toast is a particular highlight.


Making its way from Marbella, Mamzel is renowned for its live entertainment and performances, and it has descended on the ancient land of Nabataeans. Performers light up the stage with fireworks, dance routines and vocal performances for customers throughout the evening.


In the Old Town, Entrecote Cafe de Paris is a steak lovers' dream. Steak is served on sizzling hot platters infused with aromatic butter, with a "secret sauce" and a side of salad that's drenched in mayonnaise and comes with crispy fries. Tiramisu is popular for dessert.

Entrecote Cafe de Paris

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