‘Anyone Can Make It’: Seven Tips For Being A Better Cook In 2023

Soggy rice and flavourless salads be gone! Australian chefs share their tips for making delicious food – that even terrible cooks can follow

‘Anyone Can Make It’: Seven Tips For Being A Better Cook In 2023

“Once it’s cooked, drain it, then spread it on a flat tray so it cools down. In this process, every grain should be fluffy, flavoursome and ready to serve.”

Fluffy rice

“For the tortillas: get a bowl of water big enough to dip a tortilla in, then take it out, and put it in a very hot pan. If it is not hot enough, the tortilla will stick. Cook a few seconds each side, then put it in a tea towel with the other tortillas as you go.

Tacos: less is better

Boil water then add 7g of rock salt per litre. Never put salt in at the start because it will go to the bottom and corrode your pot.

Pasta al dente every time

No matter how wilted the cos you found at the bottom of the crisper, or how overcooked your pumpkin, this foolproof dressing makes any vegetable or salad delicious, and anyone can make it.

Dressing to rescue overcooked veg

“Cook it at 200C for about eight minutes. It will puff up like a soufflé, but not evenly. Serve it alone, or with creme fraiche or ice-cream.”

Super simple French pudding

You can use nuoc cham for seafood, rice paper rolls, spring rolls, noodle salads or coleslaw.


“The other trick, after you have cooked them, is to remove them from the boiling water and put them in ice water. They can be drained and reheated in a pot of boiling water for two minutes. I love to pair gnocchi with Napoli sauce and prawns.”

Perfect gnocchi

Read the recipe, several times. Get to know what order you are doing things. That is the best advice anyone can give you. – Use measuring devices. Just “a handful” may be too much if you have big hands.

Four fast tips

Don’t be tempted to alter the recipe unless you know what you’re doing. If you’re guessing, it’s likely you will just turn it into something you don’t want to eat. – Don’t stress. Cooking brings everyone together and, even if the dish is a disaster, you will have a great story to tell.

Four fast tips

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