Ardent Gourmet: Best Oregon Restaurant Dishes

It is a heavy task reviewing Oregon restaurants. But we martyr ourselves to the cause and try not to complain.

Ardent Gourmet: Best Oregon Restaurant Dishes

Their burgers are gloppy by your lights. But they redeem themselves with onion rings, stacked vertically to delight the eye, that are crunchificent.  Accompany with a brewski for the ultimate possible satisfaction from empty calories.

The Pelican Brewery, Pacific City. Onion Rings

General Tso could not have known that he would join the elite circle including Augustus Caesar, John D. Rockefeller, and Reuben Kulakofsky who would be known best by the dishes named after them.

The Schooner. General Tso’s Wings

Making a curry from scratch is like making a Rolex from scratch, there are innumerable parts and all must fit precisely. Buttercup Ice Creams & Chowders does just this with their Green Curry Chowder.

Buttercup Ice Creams & Chowders. Green Curry Chowder

This by itself recommends the dish. It’s smoked and tossed with enough garlic to set off radiation sensors.

Taste Of Sichuan. Smoked Pork With Leeks

This dish qualifies. The Mafaldine, a ruffled pasta ribbon, is housemade with flecks of dulse, local seaweed.

The Salmonberry, Hyper Local Food. Mafaldine With Pork Belly And Quinoa

Elote corn is Mexican street corn, cooked over charcoal and anointed with crumbled cojita cheese, lime juice, chili powder and salt.

Local Ocean Seafoods. Elote Corn Ice-cream

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