Breakfast Meats: 5 Hearty Treats To Enjoy In The Morning

If you’ve a hard-core non-veg lover, then breakfast meats is definitely your thing.

Breakfast Meats: 5 Hearty Treats To Enjoy In The Morning

Obtained from the leg cut of pork, this meat is wet or dry cured and processed before being served. With ham, you can make a variety of breakfast dishes including a ham salad sandwich.


If you thought that turkey is only eaten during Thanksgiving and Christmas, you’re mistaken.


This meat is obtained from pork and cured with salt before being ready for consumption. Often found as a side dish in American breakfast plates, bacon can also be your entire breakfast meal.


Another lean meat apart from turkey that can be suitable for breakfast is chicken breast. You can marinate the chicken in sauces and spices of your choice and grill it on a pan.

Chicken Breast

Made with ground meat, sausages are often flavoured with spices and seasonings. Easy to cook and eat, sausages can be dunked into your sandwiches, made into mini rolls or a breakfast quiche.


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