Carrot Recipes To Relish During Winter Season

All year long, carrots are beautiful. They are excellent for cooking as well as adding crispness to salads. In many North Indian homes, the smell of grated carrot cooking in condensed milk and pure ghee heralds the start of the "carrot season" and chilly winter.

Carrot Recipes To Relish During Winter Season

Coleslaw is a creamy salad-like dish made from finely chopped cabbage or carrots. It goes perfectly with bread, small plates, and grilled main dishes. It only takes around 20 minutes to learn how to make this amazing meal.

Carrot Coleslaw

A new twist on carrots! When grated carrots, coconut, jaggery, tamarind, and curry leaves are added to cooked channa dal, a delightful dish of this vibrant vegetable results.

Carrot Gojju

You will be astounded by this exquisite cuisine that is particular to the Gawal Mandi region of Pakistan. A tasty and distinctive sensation is created when carrot shreds are boiled in milk, khoya, and green cardamom powder.

Lahori Special Gajrella

You've come to the right place if you're seeking for a delicious dessert that's low in calories and high in flavour. You'll want to keep eating these little carrot muffins since they have a hint of cinnamon in them.

Cinnamon And Carrot Muffins

It makes no sense to make this 20-minute carrot salad with raisins, almonds, and a speedy black grape dressing. It is a fantastic substitute for store-bought salads because it is extremely low in calories.

Carrot Salad With Black Grape Dressing

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