Christmas Salad Ideas: 25 Suggestions For The Table

Your potato salad has never looked or tasted better when it is drizzled with homemade lemon aioli.

Warm smashed potato and radicchio salad with lemon aioli

This cheery salad gets a tasty crunch from easy-to-make crispy maple walnuts.

Beetroot, peach and toffee walnut fattoush

Ideal as a standalone dish or a side to a meat dish.

Epic summer salad

With this seasonal salad, you can add a taste of the summer to your next meal.

Mango, avocado and macadamia salad

Make your own maple mustard dressing to use with a vibrant and daring salad... delish!

Roast pumpkin, heirloom tomato and feta salad

Summer served up.

Quinoa, lentil and sweet potato salad with pan-fried haloumi

This tender beef cut only needs to be seared, sliced, and served for a

Seed-crusted striploin with egg salad

With a summer salad with a Tuscan flair, let the traditional Christmas colors take center stage.

Panzanella salad with heirloom tomatoes

Except for a mango, a perfect prawn is the epitome of Australianness. Combine the two for an outstanding salad.

Aussie Caesar salad with king prawns and mango

You'll feel full of knowledge after whipping up these little pearls!

Pearl couscous and pomegranate salad

Use this tangy cranberry, apricot, and chili glaze to glaze your ham for an unforgettable flavor explosion.

Cranberry and lime glazed Christmas ham and wreath salad

Looking for a new way to eat your greens? Use fresh mint and lemon for their zesty, Greek-inspired flavors.

The new green salad

The most flavorful and simple salad you'll ever make.

Easy beetroot, rocket and walnut summer salad

This salad is as beautiful as it is flavorful—fresh it's and zesty!

Beetroot and orange salad

Lamb is the ultimate symbol of spring, but you don't have to serve it as a traditional roast. Make a warm-weather salad out of fried leg steaks instead.

 Lamb steak with beetroot and asparagus salad

A festive salad featuring glazed carrots, cranberries, and mint is served with not one, but three creamy dressings: yoghurt, tahini, and herb sauce.

Candied carrot salad with yoghurt, garden herbs and tahini

This salad is full of crunchy vegetables and does not require a dressing; instead, it only needs a small amount of garlic, oil, mustard, and lemon, as well as mint and coriander for freshness.

Colourful Christmas slaw

On the plate, Christmas colors and crunch combine with roast vegetables and a summer salad.

Roasted pumpkin salad with candied chilli pecans

In just four simple steps, you can have this delicious chicken, mango, and prosciutto salad on the table.

 Chicken, mango and prosciutto salad

Not every salad is green! Bringing together salty cheese and sweet fruit will take your taste buds on a global adventure.

 Watermelon and grilled haloumi salad

Finished with a zesty dressing and candied nuts.

 Citrus, fennel and goats cheese salad

Rockmelon wedges encased in Italian dry-cured ham, along with a ton of delectable toppings like tomatoes, rocket, and hazelnuts? What a salad, at last!

Tomato, melon and prosciutto salad

Your table will be made more beautiful if you place a platter full of this lovely side dish there. Your seafood main course will pair well with its citrusy flavors.

Crispy fennel, orange, zucchini and pine nut salad

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