Come 2023, A Look At ‘food From The Globe’ That Bring Luck & Good Omen!

New Delhi: Traditions are the core of every festival and celebration. Vouching for their own unique benefits to the people practicing, they represent an entire culture and belief system.

Come 2023, A Look At ‘food From The Globe’ That Bring Luck & Good Omen!

Twelve Grapes is a Spanish tradition of eating 12 Grapes as the clock strikes 12 times at midnight on 31st December. Representing each of the coming 12 months, these grapes they say bring good luck and prosperity throughout the year.

1) Spain: Twelve Grapes

This bread also known as Gata or Tarehats symbolizes success, fertility and health. As per the tradition, they put a coin or walnut inside the bread and whoever gets that portion was said to have the best fortune in the upcoming year.

2) Armenia: Year Bread

In Estonia, it is believed that if you ate 7 times on New Year’s day you would have the strength of seven men in the coming year

3) Estonia: New Year Feasting

Getting a mustard-filled doughnut was considered to mean bad luck for the coming year. This is one of the many New Year traditions in Germany and is practiced widely to ensure a successful New year.

4) Germany: Jelly Doughnuts

This as a traditional permeation also exists in the Filipino New Year festivities. Including long noodles that signify long life and round fruits representing good health, the Filipino New Year feast has this noodle dish with round fruits.

5) Philippines: Noodles for a longer life

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