Dinner Recipes: 5 Quick And Easy Recipes For A Light Dinner Meal

As dinner is the last meal of the day, it plays a crucial role in keeping our metabolism healthy. These dinner recipes that are light and ideal for a wholesome dinner meal.

Dinner Recipes: 5 Quick And Easy Recipes For A Light Dinner Meal

– We all look forward to a delicious dinner after a tiring day at work. – These dinner recipes are perfect to put together a wholesome meal. – They are light on the stomach and will keep you full for longer.


This khichdi is packed with the goodness of palak (spinach) and dal along with flavourful masalas.

1. Palak Dal Khichdi

To make this sooji-besan dhokla, all you have to do is combine equal parts of besan, sooji and curd and blend to make a thick paste.

2. Sooji-Besan Dhokla

Idlis are one of the most loved South Indian dishes. These low-calorie idlis are soft, fluffy and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

3. Low-Calorie Oats Idli

Arhar ki dal is a staple in every Indian household. It is extremely light yet flavourful.

4. Arhar Ki Dal

If you enjoy indulging in winter vegetables, then this methi aloo sabzi is a must-try!

5. Methi Aloo Sabzi

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