Double Check Your New Year's Eve Menu, These Foods Are Considered To Bring Bad Luck

On New Year's Eve, avoid eating chicken or any other kind of feathery animal if you don't want your good fortune to take a flight.


There are several colourful foods that are lucky on New Year's, such as collard greens, whose colours, alternately, green and gold, denote richness and prosperity.

Avoid White

Long soba noodles have been a popular New Year's Eve treat in Japan since the 1700s because it is thought that they will bring good fortune, longevity, and health at the beginning of a new year or month.


Even while it might not just occur on New Year's, it is thought to be a very bad omen to cut into a fresh loaf of artisanal bread and discover a massive, gaping hole. And it's not simply that it's nearly hard to make a sandwich with bread that's full of holes.

Hollow Bread

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