Drambuie Creates Burns Night Showstoppers To Brighten January

A Scottish trifle dessert made with the Isle of Skye whisky liqueur, Drambuie. The Tipsy Laird Trifle is so light and delicious, it’s the perfect finale for any Burns Night celebration.

Drambuie Burns Night Tipsy Laird Trifle

A delicious twist on a classic Burns Night dessert. This tempting cheesecake features Drambuie-steeped toasted oats and Scottish raspberries, renowned for being the best, and is the perfect accompaniment to a Drambuie cocktail.

Drambuie Burns Night Cranachan Cheesecake

This new celebratory Burns Night cocktail combines Drambuie liqueur with fresh coffee and Scotch whisky to create a perfect drink for the end of a meal.

Drambuie Burns Night Coffee Creme

Master blender Brian Kinsman, who is one of only three people who knows Drambuie’s secret recipe, has been creating the iconic drink for 25 years and can provide comments on how to create a memorable Burns Night celebration in your home.

Tips for the best Burns Night

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