Easy Boiled Long-Grain Rice

There is no need for measuring spoons, a recipe, or even a particular ratio of water to rice; simply add the rice to a pot of water, bring it to a boil, and then simmer it for however long the rice takes to become tender. Rice that has been drained should be put back in the pot and allowed to steam in the residual heat until it is time to serve.

Easy Boiled Long-Grain Rice

This technique yields rice that is best eaten with a spoon or fork and has distinct, individual grains and a fluffy texture.

What Kind of Rice Does This Make?

I first learned how to cook rice using this technique in culinary school. Learning how to cook rice in this manner saved my life because no matter what recipe I use, I always seem to burn the rice at the bottom of the pot. Since then, I've used it whenever I want a straightforward bowl of rice.

What Kind of Rice Does This Make?

Long-grain white rice, such as basmati, Texmati, jasmine, or long-grain brown rice, are the best options for this technique. You can also cook short-grain rice with it (as well as barley, farro, or other grains), but you won't get the distinctive textures and sticky, starchy qualities that come from cooking those grains in other ways.

The Best Rice for This Method

Can I make this recipe in larger quantities? Yes. As long as you use a large enough pot, you can cook as little or as much rice as you like—one serving or ten. Simply adjust the amount you need to make by scaling up or down based on how much dry rice you need to make one cup of cooked rice.

How Much Rice To Cook

About one cup of cooked rice makes up one serving. A cup of dry rice yields approximately 4 servings.

What Is Considered a Serving Size for One Person?

The liquid left over after cooking the rice can be saved and used to thicken soups, add flavor to baked goods, or even be consumed on its own. Just keep in mind that you will need to adjust the salt in the recipe where it is used depending on when it was salted.

A Few More Tips

So that the rice starch doesn't have time to dry on the strainer, immediately clean and scrub your strainer after use. I can assure you that cleaning up dried rice starch is a real pain.

A Few More Tips

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