Eat More: Baltimore’s Best Bites

As we close out 2022, I felt it necessary, as your self-proclaimed eater-in-chief, to round up all of my favorite dishes and drinks from the past year.

Eat More: Baltimore’s Best Bites

So throw those New Year’s resolutions out the window and enjoy 2023 from the start by experiencing Baltimore’s best bites.

Eat More: Baltimore’s Best Bites

I obviously love a good Instagram-worthy moment, and there’s nothing better than capturing a flaming sushi roll arriving at your table.

Azumi — Flaming King Crab Roll

If you read my list about my favorite Maryland State Fair bites, you already know about my love of fried Oreos.

BLK Swan — Fried Oreo beignets

Aptly named for the exclamation you’ll make after taking the first bite, Blue Moon’s Sweet Baby Jesus is not for the faint of heart.

Blue Moon Cafe — Sweet Baby Jesus

The cheese pull alone makes the queso with chorizo from Clavel worth ordering, but you may want to wait a few seconds to let the bubbling cheese cool down before diving in!

Clavel — Queso With Chorizo

It should come as no surprise that the banana pudding from Crazy Puddings is making an appearance on this list.

Crazy Puddings — Banana Pudding

Napkins are absolutely required when ordering the croque madame from Duck Duck Goose.

Duck Duck Goose — Croque Madame

Cronuts make me go nuts, especially when they’re filled with passion fruit cream and sprinkled with gold flakes.

Dulceology Bakery — Passion Fruit Cronut

This list wouldn’t be complete without Ekiben’s iconic Neighborhood Bird.

Ekiben — The Neighborhood Bird

The French Onion Rings at The Food Market combine the sophistication of French onion soup with the guilty satisfaction of fast food cuisine.

The Food Market — French Onion Rings

I’ll be the first at the bar ordering this fabulous frozen fusion combining the flavors of a piña colada, strawberry daiquiri and mango.

Four Seasons — Lava Flow

Meat sweats aside, if you’re a serious carnivore, you’ll want to go all-in on a smoked meat platter with brisket, pulled pork, spare ribs, chicken, kielbasa, and käsekrainer, aka the ”Ron Swanson.”

Heritage Smokehouse — Smoked meats

They were the first to bring savory birria to Baltimore and, in my humble opinion, they are the absolute best.

Mexican on the Run — Birria tacos

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