15 Foods You Have To Try In 2023 - Food Trends For 2023

As we enter a new year, it's time to discover the latest food trends that will be taking the culinary world by storm in 2023.

Foods You Have To Try In 2023

From ancient grains to plant-based options, here are 15 foods that you simply have to try.

Foods You Have To Try In 2023

1. Maitake Mushrooms

2. Ube

3. Mezcal Bars

4. Laksa

5. Pickle Cocktails

6. Pandan-Flavored Sweets

7. Seafood Cocktails

8. Fruity Coffees

9. Baked Alaska

10. Michelaguas

11. Cube Croissants

12. Oxtails

13. Taco Trails

14. Avocado Cocktails

15. Poke Bowls

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