Granola Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Get ready to indulge in a wholesome and delightful treat with our granola yogurt parfait recipe.   It's a versatile dish that can be savored as a nutritious breakfast, a satisfying snack, or even a guilt-free dessert. With layers of goodness and a medley

Granola Yogurt Parfait Recipe

of ingredients, each spoonful takes your taste buds on a journey of taste and satisfaction.  Join us as we dive into the world of this delectable granola yogurt parfait, where health meets indulgence, and every layer is a delightful surprise.

Granola Yogurt Parfait Recipe

– Cook Time: 5 min – Total Time: 5 mins – Servings: 4

Info for Granola Yogurt Parfait Recipe

– 2 Tbsp fresh/frozen bananas, raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries – 1 5-6 oz container plain Greek yogurt – 4 tsp honey (locally made, if possible)

Ingredients for Granola Yogurt Parfait Recipe


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