Happy Chinese New Year Foods for the New Year

It’s almost time for the Chinese New Year and plentiful thoughts of food. Hongkongers celebrate the Lunar New Year with many symbolic ‘lucky foods’.

Lucky Chinese New Year dishes to try in Hong Kong

The celebratory Chinese dish poon choi, is guaranteed to make an appearance during Chinese New Year. It is a literal translation of its Cantonese namesake: a basin filled to the brim with premium food.

Poon Choi: Unity

Growth plays a huge role in the Chinese New Year celebrations. The familiar image of the Sweet Rice Cake, or nin gou, is a welcome sight during the Lunar New Year.

Nin Gou: Growth

Fried dumplings are arguably the main attractions for Lunar New Year. Although deep-fried in oil, the traditional Cantonese delicacy Yau gok is sweet.

Yau gok: Wealth

Eating fish is one of the most common traditions of the Chinese New Year. In Cantonese, the word for fish means ‘surplus’ or ‘extra’.

Fish: Prosperity

A beloved sweet treat, these traditional sesame cookies symbolise happiness and laughter. The Chinese name translates to ‘smiling mouth cookies’.

Sesame cookies: Happiness

Traditionally served during the Lantern Festival, tang yuan symbolises ‘reunion’. These round mochi rice balls come in various flavours, including peanut, black sesame, red bean paste and even chocolate.

Tang yuan: Reunion

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