How Long Should We Cook The Ham?

The majority of hams you can buy at the grocery store are already smoked and cooked; all you need to do is reheat them. Cooked ham should be reheated in a 325°F oven until it reaches a temperature of 140°F within.

Smoked Ham, Pre-Cooked

You must cook a smoked ham at 325 degrees F until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees F if it has not been precooked (typically labeled "cook before eating").

Smoked Ham, Uncooked

Contrary to country hams, which are dry-cured and typically offered raw, most of the hams you buy at the shop will be city hams (wet-cured).

Country Ham

Although they are not very common, fresh hams are the uncured back legs of a pig. They are always offered raw for sale. Cook at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 145 degrees Fahrenheit internal temperature.

Fresh Ham, Uncooked

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