How Long Should You Cook Corn On The Cob: A Step-by-step Recipe

Use the biggest pot you have, add water, and season it very well with salt. One of the first lessons I recall from culinary school involved my chef calling us all over and having us sample some of his salted water with a spoon.

1. Boil in VERY salty water

He boasted that every single pot of salted water we use to boil ANYTHING should taste like that because it had an oceanic flavor. Don't be shy, then. In the end, your corn won't taste salty; rather, the salt will enhance its flavor. Bring the water you've salted nicely to a boil.

1. Boil in VERY salty water

Remove your corn husks while your water is heating. Due to the numerous tiny strings (also known as stilk), this can become messy, so we advise doing it over a trash can. Pull downward, toward the thickest end of the corn, starting at the tip and snatching up all the husk and silk you can.

2. Shuck it good

Continue until all of the husk has been removed. As much of the lingering silk as you can, rub off. (You'll frequently see a hack for getting rid of the silk that involves using a fresh toothbrush, but we don't buy it.)

2. Shuck it good

The main concern here is how long to boil the corn. There aren't many telltale signs that something is finished, but they'll appear bright yellow, be a little plumper, and be soft and juicy. Put your corn into the boiling water using tongs. After bringing the water back to a boil, cook the corn for 5 minutes.

3. Boil 'em quick

Set a timer because the kernels of your corn risk becoming tough if you allow it to overcook. Juicy, crunchy kernels are preferred over mushy, dry ones. Generally speaking, fresh corn cooks more quickly than older corn, so keep that in mind and modify cook times as necessary.

3. Boil 'em quick

Season with salt and pepper, then brush with melted butter and welcome summer. Although you can serve this boiled corn with just about anything, potato salad and hamburgers are ideal for summer potlucks.

4. Butter it up

4 corn ears, shucked, and 4 tablespoons of melted butter Halal salt black pepper freshly ground


Large pot of salted water should be brought to a boil. Cook for 5 minutes after adding corn. Corn should be drained, brushed with melted butter, and then salt and pepper added.


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