How Long To Cook Bacon In The Oven: Tasty, Easy

There are many ways to cook bacon, but after a lot of very difficult, painful research (wink, wink!) we've discovered that the oven is the best option because it makes less mess, doesn't require constant attention, and still produces bacon that is just as crispy.

How Long To Cook Bacon In The Oven

Any of these can be baked and will turn out delicious: standard, thick-cut, turkey. Just be aware that cooking times may vary: thick-cut bacon may require a few extra minutes to cook while turkey bacon will cook much more quickly.

Any type of bacon works

Before placing your bacon in the oven, make sure it is fully heated to 400°. We strongly advise using an external oven thermometer to confirm that your oven is actually at 400° because every oven is unique and many built-in oven thermometers are unreliable.

Get your oven HOT!

Prepare the baking sheet by lining it with foil before arranging the bacon. This greatly simplifies cleanup (and bacon grease collection!).

Line your baking sheet with foil

Lay your bacon strips on a cooling rack that has been placed inside a baking sheet lined with foil for even more crispy bacon. The bacon strips can cook from all sides by being elevated above the baking sheet, which makes them extra crispy.

Use a cooling rack

Skip this step if you prefer your bacon to have a little chew to it or if you don't have a cooling rack. You'll still have fantastic bacon.

Use a cooling rack

Make sure to arrange your bacon strips on the baking sheet in a single, even layer because if they are overlapping or sticking together, they won't cook evenly. You'll produce flawless, uniformly crispy slices in this manner.

Lay the bacon strips in a single layer

Standard-cut bacon strips should cook in about 20 minutes, but ovens can be finicky (see #2 above), so the bake time may vary if your oven's temperature is off. After 15 minutes, check your bacon; nobody likes burnt bacon.

Check it early

Put that grease in the refrigerator in a mason jar or other glass container. The best choice you'll make all week will be to save the fat, though. It can be used to pop popcorn, fry eggs, and wrap vegetables like asparagus.

Bonus: Save The Bacon Fat!

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