How To Become A Vegetarian And Stick To It: Menu For The New Year

We’ve partnered with Blue Apron to bring you all the best ways to try out a vegetarian diet in 2023. The subscription service’s pre-packaged meal kits can help transform you into a well-seasoned vegetarian for $7.99 per serving depending on the plan you choose.

How To Become Vegetarian And Stick To It

“There's chickpea pasta, black bean pasta or lentil based pasta.” For the best texture, don’t overcook it and be sure to rinse the cooked pasta with cool water immediately after draining.

Up Your Plant-Based Pasta Game

“For example, instead of eggs for breakfast, try oatmeal with almond milk and crushed nuts,” adds Young.

Don’t Change Overnight, Swap Slowly

“Nuts, seeds and nut butters like peanut butter are also good sources of protein. There are also so many brands of meat alternatives available that have similar flavors and textures to their meat counterparts.”

Get Acquainted With Meat Alternatives

“Oftentimes, people don't know how to start a vegetarian lifestyle. Purchasing vegetarian meal kits that get delivered to their home is a great way to start. That way they get all of the ingredients and cooking instructions to try new plant-based foods.”

Try A Vegetarian Meal Kit

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