How To Cook A Luxury Christmas Dinner On A Budget - According To A Michelin-star Trained Chef

Christmas can be a notoriously pricey time of year and the ongoing cost of living crisis has posed further difficulties for families trying their hardest to stick to a budget

How To Cook A Luxury Christmas Dinner On A Budget

The turkey can be the most expensive part of your Christmas dinner, and many tend to cook more than they actually need. Chef Mickael, therefore, advises opting for turkey thighs instead, using your usual stuffing, seasoning and garnishes to keep all the flavours you know and love.

Swap A Whole Turkey For Turkey Thighs

Bulking up a plate with veg is relatively inexpensive and, when seasoned correctly, can be absolutely delicious. Chef Mickael cautions against buying ready-prepared Christmas vegetables in trays or packets, advising shoppers that buying them loose is a far cheaper option.

Bulk Up On Veg, And Make Sure To Buy Loose

Chef Mickael suggested: "You don’t have to buy expensive wine, even at Christmas. If you're drinking the wine, a really fun trick is to buy a cheaper bottle of wine and blend it to enhance the flavour.

Go For A Cheaper Wine And Blend It

It might sound crazy, but blending the wine (also known as hyper-decanting) allows it to breathe, creating a mellower and fruitier-tasting wine."

Go For A Cheaper Wine And Blend It

Although we do tend to opt for tried and tested festive favourites when it comes to Christmas desserts, there's nothing stopping shoppers from swapping the classic Christmas pud for something both thrifty and tasty.

Swap The Christmas Puding For Something A Bit Different

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