How To Cook Asparagus Correctly: A Few Tips

The peak of the asparagus season is in April, though it typically begins in late February and lasts until June. Here, we give you a primer on the countless techniques for cooking it to its absolute best!

How To Cook Asparagus Correctly: A Few Tips

The woody ends can be cut off by simply snapping them wherever they naturally split. Although extremely simple, there is some waste. Use a vegetable peeler to remove the woody exterior. You'll be able to keep some of the asparagus you would have otherwise thrown away in addition to enjoying their lovely appearance!

First, trim them

Only a hot skillet, EVOO, salt, and pepper are required. They'll be tender and delicious in 5 to 7 minutes if you just give them the occasional stir! In our ridiculously delicious lemon, asparagus, and chicken pasta, we enjoy using this technique.

If you're in a hurry, sauté it

It only takes three minutes and doesn't call for butter or oil. Additionally, the stalks will be the most lovely shade of bright green. This technique gives the puree in our cream of asparagus soup the most lovely color.

Trying to eat healthy? Blanch it

Grilled asparagus is one of life's greatest snacks. Make our caesar grilled asparagus and never look back.

If it's nice out, grill it

Asparagus can last up to 5 days in the refrigerator if kept in an airtight container. Additionally, you can freeze the stalks for up to 8 months in plastic bags.


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