How To Cook 'perfect' Pigs And Blankets With 'next Level Crispy' Bacon

Pigs in blankets can be enjoyed at any time of the year though they have become a staple dish at the Christmas table.

How to cook 'perfect' pigs and blankets with 'next level crispy' bacon

Everyone has their own take on this classic recipe, whether it be as simple as wrapping your favourite sausages in bacon and cooking them unseasoned, or experimenting with fresh herbs and sweet dressings.

How To Cook Pigs In Blankets

"The star of this recipe is the sausage. I recommend using herby pork chipolata sausages for a juicy, succulent flavour that shines through."

How To Cook Pigs In Blankets

When it comes to choosing your chipolatas, the chef noted that "100 percent natural" products are best as sausages are notorious for being high-fat meat.

How To Cook Pigs In Blankets

Avoiding low-quality meats means that you can steer clear of excessive salt, fillers and preservatives, which contribute to the fatty white deposits that seep through as the sausages cook.

How To Cook Pigs In Blankets

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