How To Properly Cook Hard-boiled Eggs?

My love for eggs is well known (check my logo). They are affordable, simple to prepare, and incredibly versatile! Simply "putting an egg on it" has always been my go-to meal-saving tip.

How To Properly Cook Hard-boiled Eggs?

So that you can see how quick and simple it is to include hard boiled eggs in your meals, I wanted to do a quick tutorial on how to make them.

How To Properly Cook Hard-boiled Eggs?

As was already mentioned, there are numerous methods for making hard boiled eggs. Because it doesn't need much attention and is fairly forgiving if you can't attend to the eggs right when the timer goes off, I like the hot water bath method.

How To Boil Eggs – Step By Step Instructions

Put a single layer of cold, large eggs straight from the refrigerator into a saucepot. The eggs should be covered with one inch of water.

1. Add Cold Eggs To A Pot And Cover With Water

Put a lid on the pot and heat the water to a rolling boil.

2. Bring To A Boil

Turn off the heat once the water comes to a full rolling boil, but leave the pot on the burner (lid still on). Give the eggs 12 minutes or so in the hot water to sit. As they sit, the water will gradually cool, allowing you to adjust the cooking time before the eggs overcook (overcooked eggs have greenish yolks).

3. Turn Off The Heat

Transfer the eggs to a bowl of ice water for about five minutes after the 12-minute mark.

4. Transfer Eggs To Ice Bath

As demonstrated in my tutorial for 6-minute soft boiled eggs, I also like to steam my eggs. Because only a little over an inch of water is used, it boils very quickly, making this method incredibly quick.

Hard Boil Eggs Using Steam

Simply allow the eggs to steam for 10 to 12 minutes to make hard boiled eggs the steaming way. The eggs tend to peel very easily after being steamed, I also find. View the tutorial on steaming here.

Hard Boil Eggs Using Steam

A hard boiled egg in its shell can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week. Eat a peeled hard boiled egg within two days of peeling it.

How Long Are Hard Boiled Eggs Good?

Dipping Eggs (or Sriracha Deviled Eggs) A. Egg Salad Use a prepared lunchbox. Add them to salads or a bowl of cereal.

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