Omelette For Dinner, A Comfy Curry And Sardine Croquettes: Here’s What’s Cooking This Week

On the menu this week? From cosy curry to an affordable egg dish, this selection of five delicious recipes will ensure dinnertime is something the whole family will look forward to.

Omelette For Dinner

We’re sure you almost always have a dozen eggs in your fridge. Affordable and versatile, this breakfast staple can easily turn into a dinner essential, too.

Monday: Zucchini and Potato Omelette

This cross between a sloppy joe and a banh-mi is perfect for tonight! It’s topped with a colourful red cabbage and bean sprout slaw, which can even be enjoyed on the side if you prefer.

Tuesday: Warm Ground Pork Roll with Red Cabbage Slaw

This tasty dish is made using a selection of pantry staples.

Wednesday: Sardine Croquettes with White Bean and Tomato Confit Salad

An aromatic curry may take a long while to cook, but not when you’re using a pressure cooker.

Thursday: Squash and Lentil Curry

If you’re looking for a different way to serve up your usual chicken, look no further than this simple recipe.

Friday: Honey-Mustard Chicken Legs

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