One-pot Wonders And A Weeknight Version Of A French Classic: Here’s What’s Cooking This Week

From ramen soup to a burrito casserole, the five recipes featured here are meal suggestions the whole family is sure to love. Check out what you’re having for dinner this week!

One-pot Wonders And A Weeknight Version Of A French Classic

Tonight, we’re suggesting a simple ramen soup. Bonus? The kids will love it! With an aromatic broth that’s then loaded with noodles, veggies and tofu, it’s the ultimate recipe when it comes to comfort and warmth.

Monday: Ramen Soup With Tofu

Sheet pans are an essential kitchen ally; you place all your ingredients on one pan, toss it into the oven, and cleanup afterwards is a breeze. So you’ll be happy at how easy this tasty fish dish is to put together.

Tuesday: Sheet Pan Curried Vegetables and Trout

All you need is a single pot to prepare this all-in-one dish. Brown the sausages, soften the cabbage and add the sweet potatoes, broth and spices. What could be easier and better on a busy weeknight?

Wednesday: Braised Cabbage With Sausage And Sweet Potato

Turn your dining room into a high-end French restaurant with this weeknight version of the classic appetizer. Grab some frozen broccoli, fresh scallops and store-bought gnocchi, and you’ve got a sumptuous meal!

Thursday: Coquille St. Jacques Gnocchi

After a long Friday, this one-pot meal will be a lifesaver. Whip up this simple, kid-friendly meal, don’t forget that bag of tortilla chips and enjoy.

Friday: One-Pot Burrito Casserole

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