Pinterest Predicts the Top Food Trends of 2023

So how does Pinterest compile these predictions? They use a four-key stage approach: data examination, curation, inclusion, and accountability.

Pinterest Predicts the Top Food Trends of 2023

Move over youngsters, 2023 is all about celebrating more “seasoned” folks. What does that mean exactly? Because the pandemic made us close our social calendars for an extended period, Boomers and Gen X are looking to make up for lost time.

The YOLO Years

If you have an appreciation for baking and botany, you’re going to love this trend. Over the last few years, it seems as if everyone is putting their baking skills to the test (raise your hand if you attempted your own sourdough.


Aperitifs sans alcohol have been trending in Europe for years, and now it’s becoming more common here in the states too.

Free Spirits

Getting our fair share of superfoods is still a top priority for many. 2023 will specifically be about ocean-based foods, like green algae, nori, and seaweed.

Vitamin Seaweed

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