Predictions Of How We Will Eat In 2023

Briny flavors, high-end Jell-O shots, a fascination with outer space and a concern for Earth will guide our choices. At least that’s what the food forecasters say.

Predictions Of How We Will Eat In 2023

Embrace the brine. Fresh, bracing marine flavors have spawned a craze for coastal cocktails garnished with crab claws and oysters. Dan Levy, the actor and host of “The Big Brunch,” is making Clamato cool.

Flavor of the Year

A new generation wants food from companies that are actively healing the planet through carbon-reducing agriculture, more rigorous animal welfare policies and equitable treatment of the people who grow and process food.

Word of the Year

Chicken skins have been trying to elbow out chicharrones for some time, but this may be their year.

Snack of the Year

“Chefs throughout the world, many of Japanese descent, are fusing Japanese ingredients or culinary techniques with foods they love from their surroundings,” according to AF&Co and Carbonate, two San Francisco firms that collaborate on an annual hospitality trend report.


“Expect a stronger focus on durability, flexibility and timelessness as consumers seek to buy less and own products that last longer and serve multiple purposes,” Simon Moriarty, director of Mintel Trends, writes in his report on the coming year.

The Thrill of Thrift

Call these trendlets: In the beverage category, yaupon tea from the American holly tree, is on a lot of lists for 2023, along with coffee drinks made with fruit purée and milk, or roasted in a style called white coffee.

And Bonus Small Bites

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