Recipe-advice for cooking turkey at 400 degrees

You must try our high-heat turkey recipe for a succulent, delicious bird that is ideal for Thanksgiving.  With this technique, browning is enhanced while maintaining the deliciously juicy flavor profile.

High-heat turkey recipe

High heat cooking of the turkey can also aid in producing crispy, flavorful skin.  Carve, serve, and enjoy your turkey after you've given it a chance to rest.

High-heat turkey recipe

You need to know how to cook a turkey properly whether you're cooking it for Thanksgiving or a regular supper.  The only instructions included with your turkey are for heating it in the oven

Follow the instructions when reheating the turkey

Your turkey may still come out of the oven dry or overcooked even if you prepare it according to instructions.  Your turkey won't dry out if you use the appropriate ingredients and pay close attention.

Follow the instructions when reheating the turkey

Remove the turkey from the fridge. Keep it wrapped up while you bring it to room temperature.  Place a frozen turkey in a skillet or on a plate and let it defrost several days before cooking in the refrigerator. For every pound, it needs to thaw for 5 hours.

Step 1

Take off the turkey's plastic covering. Remove the heart, gizzard, and liver, as well as the neck.  Set the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2

Use water to wash the turkey. With a paper towel, pat it dry. Inside the turkey, add carrots, lemon juice, or salt for flavor.  Use twine or metal skewers to secure the legs.

Step 3

If desired, stuff the neck area with parsley. Use metal skewers or twine to secure it.

Step 4

The turkey should be covered in melted butter or olive oil. The turkey should be salted and peppered all over. To ensure that all the liquids are collected, place the turkey, breast side down, over a rack with a roasting pan.  Put it inside the oven. The instructions for cooking are on the box.

Step 5

According to the Simply Recipes website, add 15 minutes for every pound.  Cook the turkey for the first 30 minutes at 400 degrees, then lower the heat to 350 for the following two hours. For the following 1.5 hours, lower the heat to 225.

Step 6

Once cooked, take the turkey out of the oven. For 15 to 20 minutes, leave it on the counter. To carve it, turn it breast side up.

Step 7

Make stock from the heart and gizzard to use as a base for your stuffing. Make turkey soup with the neck. Before putting your turkey in the oven, add fresh thyme or rosemary on the outside for flavor.


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