Spinach Dip

Spinach dip is the cool, creamy, fresh version of spinach and artichoke dip!

Spinach Dip

Any good party dip starts with mayo and sour cream. They make a rich, thick base for all of the other mix-ins.

What Are The Ingredients In A Spinach Dip?

The Knorr Spinach dip recipe is an old-school favorite, which uses a Knorr Vegetable Mix seasoning pouch to add flavor.

Do I Need To Use A Seasoning Packet?

A package of frozen spinach works perfectly! It would take a very large amount of fresh spinach to be cooked down in several batches, to yield the 10-ounce quantity that is required for this recipe.

Is It Best To Use Fresh Or Frozen Spinach?

Most packages of frozen spinach advise cooking the spinach to 165 degrees before eating or using.

What Is The Best Way To Thaw Frozen Spinach?

The easiest way to do this is to wring out the spinach. Lay a clean, lint-free kitchen towel flat on the counter-top.

How Do You Remove Excess Moisture From Cooked Spinach?

– 10 oz.package frozen chopped spinach – 1 c.sour cream – 3/4 c.mayonnaise – 1garlic clove, grated – 2scallions, thinly sliced – 8 oz.jar sliced water chestnuts, drained and chopped – 4 oz.jar diced pimentos, drained


– 1/2 tsp.Worcestershire sauce – 1/2 tsp.kosher salt – 1/2 tsp.ground black pepper – 1 lb.sourdough bread loaf (not sliced), diced into 1" pieces, for serving – Assorted raw vegetables, for serving – Pita chips, for serving


Cook spinach according to package directions. Drain in a colander then rinse well under cold water.


Place the spinach in the center of a lint free kitchen towel. Pull the four sides up to make a bundle and squeeze very well over the sink to remove as much moisture as possible. Transfer to a cutting board and finely chop.


Stir to combine the sour cream, mayonnaise, garlic, scallions, water chestnuts, pimentos, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper in a medium bowl. Stir in the spinach.


Transfer to serving bowl and serve with sourdough bread, cut vegetables, and pita chips, if you like.


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