The Best Alternatives To Turkey For Christmas

Food writer Nigella Lawson swears by boiling her festive ham in Cola Cola. "Only those who have never tried this raise an eyebrow at the idea.

1. Ham

Don't be put off by this gamey meat, as it more than deserves a place on your festive table. Its intensely rich flavour adds to the luxuriousness of your Christmas dinner.

2. Venison

Fish certainly has its place at the table too, and not only on Christmas Eve when it's more traditional to eat fish.

3. Salmon or lobster

Whether you go for a decadent side of salmon cooked in honey and slathered with currants, flaked almonds and topped with thyme, or give it some Asian zing baked with soy and a salsa full of garlic, ginger and coriander, it will be a refreshing change to turkey and add plenty of colour.

3. Salmon or lobster

Rib of beef, rare topside or rolled sirloin will easily offer up the indulgent and impressive centrepiece you're after. Just don't commit the cardinal sin and overcook it.

4. Beef

Although more traditionally associated with Easter, lamb is a great meat for any special occasion.

5. Lamb

There's quite literally no end of pie fillings you could use, but make it veggie and festive, so try using use sweet chestnuts, porcini mushroom and short crust pastry.

6. Vegetarian pie

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